McElroy Manufacturing, Inc

Vince King
833 N Fulton
Tulsa, OK 74115

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Company Description:

Fusion Machines

In 1969, McElroy designed its first polyethylene fusion machine. Since then, our line has expanded to cover pipe sizes from ½” CTS to 2000mm – the most complete range of any fusion equipment manufacturer. 


Our fusion equipment is available in various models to accommodate specific jobsite requirements. For example, our TracStar® line offers the only fusion machines in the world that are all-terrain, self-propelled and self-contained.  This short animation features the McElroy TracStar 500 and demonstrates the TracStar Advantage. Many of our machines can be configured for in-ditch use, but our Pit Bull® fusion machines are perfect when a compact solution is needed.



McElroy also provides a variety of accessories and productivity tools that can significantly improve jobsite productivity. One example is the PolyHorse® and the MegaMc® PolyHorse® pipe handling systems that consist of a series of adjustable racks to store and help move and align pipe on jobsites. Using a PolyHorse provides a less hazardous environment for handling pipe bundles and can reduce manpower costs and enhance jobsite productivity by 150%.


Quality Assurance

Quality testing and quality assurance can be a tremendous benefit to any jobsite. Our Guided Side Bend Tester and In Field® Tensile Tester are tools that allow for on-site qualitative testing of the ductility of a joint and are faster, easier and safer than traditional bend tests. 


The McElroy DataLogger® gives you the ability to record and document the key parameters of the pipe fusion process to determine if proper fusion procedures have been followed. Data elements such as time, temperature and pressure are recorded on this hand-held device, and on the latest model — the DataLogger 5 — you can also capture photos and GPS coordinates.


The DataLogger Vault™  is a secure application available on the internet that stores fusion joint data not only from the DataLogger 5 but also the DataLogger 3 and 4 models. This new offering allows users to access their fusion joint from any location with internet access and utilize a variety of analytical tools.



McElroy University provides training at our facilities in Tulsa, OK, at certified training centers throughout the country and at customer locations upon request.  Classes include Operator Qualification, Troubleshooting and Rebuild and Inspector Training. Each class includes an appropriate mix of classroom and hands-on time followed by testing after each class to insure that students understand the proper concepts and procedures.

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