SUEZ Advanced Solutions / Utility Service Co., Inc.

1230 Peachtree Street NE
Suite 1100
Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: View Phone Number678-705-6702
Fax: View Fax Number478-987-2529
Toll-Free: View Toll-Free Number(855) 526-4413

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Company Description:

SUEZ Advanced Solutions, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a fully integrated professional service and contracting firm dedicated to providing sustainable products and services for potable water distribution systems and sewage collection systems. In addition to our signature asset maintenance programs, we supply innovative technologies and smart asset management tools that help municipal and industrial water utilities optimize their operations. Our four areas of expertise include: asset management, water wells management, water quality in distribution systems and energy and water conservation. Since 1963, our team of experienced community-based water consultants and technical experts lead the industry with a strong reputation for safety, quality work, and dependability. Our newly awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our ability to consistently deliver services that meet both the requirements of our customers and our contractual obligations while complying with all applicable regulations. 

Product Information:
SUEZ Asset Management Program is a turn-key solution that keeps critical water assets –including wells, storage tanks, concrete assets, filter plants, distribution networks and water meters in good operating condition and compliant with all applicable safety and sanitary regulations. We first restore the asset to like-new condition and then take full responsibility of its maintenance for the long term. Each contract is designed and executed based on the requirements of the customer and the condi

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Water Meters & Meter Reading Systems
Pipe - Rehabilitation
Well Rehabilitation
Tank Maintenance
Water Main Cleaning
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