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12500 Jefferson Ave
Newport News, VA 23602

Phone: View Phone Number757-223-6784
Fax: View Fax Number757-989-2501

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Company Description:


As one of the nation’s largest Waterworks companies, Ferguson Waterworks offers municipalities a reliable coast-to-coast network of 200 locations and 2,000 highly trained associates. Our relationships with the industry’s top vendors mean on-time delivery, unmatched support and industry-leading fill rates for a wide-breadth of products across the water, sanitary sewer and storm water management industries. Public and private water and sewer authorities, utility contractors, public works/line contractors, heavy highway contractors and more look to Ferguson for its customer-first approach to supply and service the Waterworks industry.


Ferguson Waterworks services:

Meter and Automation Group

Today’s advanced metering technology offers significant benefits that include improved revenue generation, data accuracy and meter reading efficiency. Ferguson Waterworks’ Meter and Automation Group is a dedicated team of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) specialists. We create turnkey water meter solutions for municipalities to stop the loss of revenue and increase metering accuracy and efficiency. Our AMR and AMI systems address the aging infrastructure issues confronting many municipal water departments. Ferguson Waterworks distributes and installs the most modern metering technology available, and has access to the top metering brands in the industry with the ability to create a customized water meter management solution to address our customers’ unique needs.


Our metering service capabilities include:

  • Metering sales

  • System audit and design

  • In-house installation team

  • Value Added Resource Program to provide after the sales support and training

  • Customized maintenance program

  • Access to Ferguson’s installation and project management software


Mobile Sales and Supply Team

Ferguson rural municipal professionals understand the unique challenges faced by facilities operating in rural locations. Ferguson Waterworks offers a Mobile Sales and Supply Team to rural customers located outside larger metropolitan areas. This service brings the branch to the customer, with a Ferguson truck or van loaded with basic inventory and the ability to order any of our Waterworks products for on-site delivery. Ferguson’s Mobile Sales and Supply Team is solely focused on supplying and serving rural municipal customers with the products they need to keep their facilities operating smoothly.


Ferguson Online

Product Information:

Automatic Hydrant Flushers
Fire Hydrant Locks
Frost Proof Yard Hydrants
Hydrant Operation & Maintenance
Hydrant Security
Hydrants - Fire
Hydrants - Fire, Dry Barrel
Hydrants - Fire, Wet Barrel
Hydrants - Sprinkling & Flushing
Smoke Testing Equipment
Smoke/Air Blowers
Leak Detection
Leak Detection Equipment/Instruments
Automatic Meter Reading Systems
Electronic Flow Meter
Fire Hydrant Meters
Flow Meters
Meter Boxes
Meter Reading Systems
Meter Registers - Remote Reading
Meters & Meter Reading Equipment
Meters - Hydrant
Meters - Measurement
Meters - Water
Meters - Water, Compound
Meters - Water, Displacement
Meters - Water, Fire Service
Water Meters & Meter Reading Systems
Water Meters - Electronic
Brass Fittings
Brass Goods
Coil Handling Equipment
Coupling Locks
Couplings - Pipe
Drilling Machines - Pipe
Joint Restraint
Mizi Plugs
Nuts, Bolts, & Gaskets
PE Fittings
PE Fusion Equipment
Pipe - Fittings, Valves & Instruments
Pipe - PE
Pipe - Plugs
Pipe - PVC
Pipe - Rehabilitation
Pipe - Repairs
Pipe - Replacement
Pipe - Restraints
Pipe - Television Inspection
Pipe - Tools
Pipe Cleaning Tools & Equipment
Pipe Fittings
Pipe Fittings - Distribution
Pipe Fittings - PVC
Pipe Fittings - Service
Pipe Repair Products
Pipe Slice - Pipeline Replacement Tool
Pipeline Cleaning
Pipeline Cleaning Tools & Equipment
Pipeline Rehabilitation
Pipes - Tapping
Pipes, Fittings & Related Products
Repair Clamps & Couplings
Service Saddles
Tapping Machines & Equipment
Tapping Sleeves
Modular Pump Systems
Motors, Submersible
Pump Control Valves
Pump Controls
Pump Installation
Pumping Systems
Pumps - Centrifugal
Pumps - Chemical Feed
Pumps - Diaphragm
Pumps - Hydrostatic Tests
Pumps - Sewage
Pumps - Submersible
Confined Space
Confined Space Safety Equipment & Supplies
Safety Devices & Equipment
Automatic Control Valves
Backflow Prevention Assemblies
Backflow Prevention Devices
Check Valves
Valve - Butterfly
Valve Actuators
Valve Box Risers
Valve Boxes
Valves - Backflow Prevention
Valves - Ball
Valves - Check
Valves - Control
Valves - Gate
Valves - Relief
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